Information Product Dos and Don’ts

Information is a key element for Internet Marketing, but never let this your passion for the topic get out of control. The more you are invested in your information product, the easier it is to make this mistake.

If you create an amazing eBook on a topic that fascinates you, don’t assume it will sell. Unless you have identified your market and know how to find that market, you are wasting your time. Savvy Internet product marketers don’t even start writing an eBook, Report or choosing an affiliate product until they find an interested market.

Have you ever encountered a struggling student trying to sell magazine subscriptions by going door to door? He has something to sell, but you aren’t interested. So he spends hours searching for one customer at a time and missing the mark more often than making a sale.

What if he took a different approach and went to doctors’ offices, businesses or auto repair shops to sell magazines to places where customers had to wait and needed to be occupied while waiting on their service to be completed? That’s using his time wisely and targeting his market to willing buyers.

In online marketing, you can do this much easier with a few mouse clicks. Start by listening into the conversation in your niche. The “conversation” is found in discussion forums and social media sites.

What questions are they asking? What information is difficult to find? What new twist do you pick up on using a product or concept already on the market? The answer to any of these questions can be the perfect start for identifying and developing you eBook, report or video product.

Next, check out eBook selections. Look in the section that best relates to your niche. What eBooks are being offered that relate to your topic? Did you find existing eBooks that answer any of the questions you found from your conversation research? If there is an eBook that works, then consider using it as an affiliate product. You can use this product in your initial campaign, and then develop your own eBook that expands on this information or takes the information in a different direction by suggesting a different way of approaching the problem.

While you’re researching, check Amazon and eBay to see if there are comparable information products located ob these sites. What does a Google search show? You’re likely to find other marketers who are using similar information products.

Research a dozen websites that use these products. You might find other products on their sites and see how they are presented. Copy these URLs for future reference to use in marketing your eBook or other product, directly to these sites.

If you just want to write about your obscure hobby, do it in a blog and a few people may read it. But if you want to sell information products, locate potential buyers and sample their interests before writing or marketing an eBook. That’s the way smart marketers use the power of the Internet to literally make money while they sleep.

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