Information Product Dos and Don’ts

Information is a key element for Internet Marketing, but never let this your passion for the topic get out of control. The more you are invested in your information product, the easier it is to make this mistake.

If you create an amazing eBook on a topic that fascinates you, don’t assume it will sell. Unless you have identified your market and know how to find that market, you are wasting your time. Savvy Internet product marketers don’t even start writing an eBook, Report or choosing an affiliate product until they find an interested market.

Have you ever encountered a struggling student trying to sell magazine subscriptions by going door to door? He has something to sell, but you aren’t interested. So he spends hours searching for one customer at a time and missing the mark more often than making a sale.

What if he took a different approach and went to doctors’ offices, businesses or auto repair shops to sell magazines to places where customers had to wait and needed to be occupied while waiting on their service to be completed? That’s using his time wisely and targeting his market to willing buyers.

In online marketing, you can do this much easier with a few mouse clicks. Start by listening into the conversation in your niche. The “conversation” is found in discussion forums and social media sites.

What questions are they asking? What information is difficult to find? What new twist do you pick up on using a product or concept already on the market? The answer to any of these questions can be the perfect start for identifying and developing you eBook, report or video product.

Next, check out eBook selections. Look in the section that best relates to your niche. What eBooks are being offered that relate to your topic? Did you find existing eBooks that answer any of the questions you found from your conversation research? If there is an eBook that works, then consider using it as an affiliate product. You can use this product in your initial campaign, and then develop your own eBook that expands on this information or takes the information in a different direction by suggesting a different way of approaching the problem.

While you’re researching, check Amazon and eBay to see if there are comparable information products located ob these sites. What does a Google search show? You’re likely to find other marketers who are using similar information products.

Research a dozen websites that use these products. You might find other products on their sites and see how they are presented. Copy these URLs for future reference to use in marketing your eBook or other product, directly to these sites.

If you just want to write about your obscure hobby, do it in a blog and a few people may read it. But if you want to sell information products, locate potential buyers and sample their interests before writing or marketing an eBook. That’s the way smart marketers use the power of the Internet to literally make money while they sleep.

Do you have a writing ritual?

Do you have a writing ritual? Many people have writing rituals that they’re not even aware of. Others just sit down and write when they have time. Writing rituals are actually a great way to kick-start your writing. They help inspire creativity. Here are five effective writing rituals to consider.

#1 A shot of caffeine

It may sound cliché but there’s something soothing and invigorating about a cup of coffee. You can even make it a slightly decadent ritual and make a cappuccino, or drink your favorite tea instead. Of course, if coffee or tea isn’t your thing, consider a different drink. Perhaps a glass of sparking water or a smoothie.

It’s not really the drink that matters but the ritual. The process of making the beverage helps set the stage. You’ll probably begin thinking about your writing while you’re brewing your coffee or making your smoothie. Then, once you sit down at your desk you are already in the right mindset.

#2 A breath of fresh air

There’s something about sunshine and fresh air that stimulates creativity. It gets the blood pumping through your veins and into your brain. Embrace the out of doors and take a walk before you sit down to write. You can also take a walk in the middle of your writing workout to refresh and re-energize.

If the weather isn’t cooperating with your ritual, consider doing yoga or stretching for a few minutes indoors. The goal is to get your heart pumping and the blood flowing. It stimulates your brain and your creative energy.

#3 Outlining

The process of outlining your content accomplishes several things at once. It’s an effective ritual that can help you get in the right frame of mind. It’s also a great way to ensure a smooth writing process. If you sit down first to outline all of the articles, blog posts or reports you’re writing, then writing them is actually quite easy. You already know what you want to say.

Outlining doesn’t have to be elaborate either. You might simply write the headlines and subheadlines for your content. Or if you do prefer to fill in the details, you can embrace a more formal outlining process.

Writing rituals are incredibly effective. Take a look at what you normally do before you sit down to write. If you don’t have a ritual, try one of these three or create one of your own. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

Don’t Let The Stress of Building A New Life Get You Down

Most of us have a certain amount of stress in our lives, everyday. For the times that it increases and causes harm to our own well being or the well being of the people we love, try a couple of these.

[1] Buy yourself or someone you care about, a bunch of colorful flowers. Go to the flower shop and take your time in choosing the right one. Just the time spent in the choosing of the flowers will lower your blood pressure and calm your chain of thought.

[2] Need more time for your mind to settle and your body to relax. Go to a movie matinee or an off-off-off Broadway Theater show. Make it something silly, light or romantic. Cry for the hero, as he looses his girl, then cheer when he finds her again. Use all those pent up emotions. You will come out relieved and calmer.

[3] Pretend you are new in town and go see the new park by the lake. Walk it’s winding paths, feed a few ducks, stop and talk to the people fishing. Smile at the walkers and ground keepers. Do a few minutes of stretch exercises. Let your body know you are thinking about it.
don't let stress get you down
[4] Move Baby Move. Dust off the old record player [showing my age here], put on the fastest song you know and move to the music. Lift your arms, click those heels and dance, dance, dance. You do not have to be a great dancer to move your body to the rhythm, just move. Exercise releases endorphins, which make us feel better. Soon you will be giggling and laughing, ready to face the world.

[5] Go to a hotel for the night. Go alone or take someone special with you. Let someone else make the bed, cook and wash the dishes. Cozy down into the pillows with a good book or watch an old Marx Brothers black and white movie on the cable channel.

Come morning you will be ready to sparkle and shine again. Back to building your new online life, creating new ways to reinvent the wheel and dazzle all of those around you.

The Basics of Online Marketing

Understanding the basics of Online Marketing will move you forward as nothing else in your business life.

If you want to grow your offline business, or start a business, by marketing your services, online marketing is the best way to achieve that goal. You will reach a broader audience to sell to, connect with, and much more. While internet or online marketing may seem complicated, once you understand the fundamentals you can build on that knowledge as your needs grow or change.

Your Website

The foundation for any business online is a website. A website is your home online. It’s where your clients, customers and friends, will come to get to know you and see what it is you are offering them. Your “website home” can be a blog, a brochure site, or even a storefront. The type of website, you will need depends on your type of business.

Learning SEO
Online Marketing

Now that you have a website, what do you do next? It’s time to learn about Search Engine Optimization. To build a better business you will need people to visit your site. You can get them to notice you by having the right keywords in your posts. If you are tying to sell widgets, then you need to post about how many different kinds of widgets you have and the benefits they will get from buying your widgets. When they search for “widgets”, your site will come up in their search engine, guiding them to your website. This strategy embraces keywords and keyword phrases to attract the attention of the search engines, which in turn helps clients or customers find you.

Email Marketing

You will want to keep a visitor on your site for as long as possible. How do you ensure you are able to connect with them, and get them to visit again or make a purchase? With their permission, you get their email address by offering them a “free gift” in return. Your gift could be a report, a short e-book on the subject of “widgets”or a membership to your weekly newsletter. Then you can connect with them on a regular basis and build a friendly relationship. This give you the opportunity to sell your products or services, plus provide valuable information to them.

Social Sites

Social site marketing involves getting a social media account [FaceBook, Twitter, or Linkedin] so your prospects, customers or friends can find you and connect with you off your business site. The key with using these sites, is to still provide value in one form or another, be it, thoughtful commentary or information. You can build a good relationship of trust and authority by socializing in this manner.

These tactics that will work together to help you reach your business goals. You can promote your newsletter on your Facebook page or tweet page titles with urls on Twitter. Online marketing is a great way to build any type of business. Learn to move forward and thrive.