The Basics of Online Marketing

Understanding the basics of Online Marketing will move you forward as nothing else in your business life.

If you want to grow your offline business, or start a business, by marketing your services, online marketing is the best way to achieve that goal. You will reach a broader audience to sell to, connect with, and much more. While internet or online marketing may seem complicated, once you understand the fundamentals you can build on that knowledge as your needs grow or change.

Your Website

The foundation for any business online is a website. A website is your home online. It’s where your clients, customers and friends, will come to get to know you and see what it is you are offering them. Your “website home” can be a blog, a brochure site, or even a storefront. The type of website, you will need depends on your type of business.

Learning SEO
Online Marketing

Now that you have a website, what do you do next? It’s time to learn about Search Engine Optimization. To build a better business you will need people to visit your site. You can get them to notice you by having the right keywords in your posts. If you are tying to sell widgets, then you need to post about how many different kinds of widgets you have and the benefits they will get from buying your widgets. When they search for “widgets”, your site will come up in their search engine, guiding them to your website. This strategy embraces keywords and keyword phrases to attract the attention of the search engines, which in turn helps clients or customers find you.

Email Marketing

You will want to keep a visitor on your site for as long as possible. How do you ensure you are able to connect with them, and get them to visit again or make a purchase? With their permission, you get their email address by offering them a “free gift” in return. Your gift could be a report, a short e-book on the subject of “widgets”or a membership to your weekly newsletter. Then you can connect with them on a regular basis and build a friendly relationship. This give you the opportunity to sell your products or services, plus provide valuable information to them.

Social Sites

Social site marketing involves getting a social media account [FaceBook, Twitter, or Linkedin] so your prospects, customers or friends can find you and connect with you off your business site. The key with using these sites, is to still provide value in one form or another, be it, thoughtful commentary or information. You can build a good relationship of trust and authority by socializing in this manner.

These tactics that will work together to help you reach your business goals. You can promote your newsletter on your Facebook page or tweet page titles with urls on Twitter. Online marketing is a great way to build any type of business. Learn to move forward and thrive.